Exchange Server 2010-Configuration & Administration

How to Manage Public Folders in Exchange Server 2010


Public folders are used for share messaging contents and document within a company. Exchange Server 2010 supports only one Public folder database. Exchange Server 2010 does not support second public folder tree and all Mailbox servers share the same public folder tree. If you have any requirements for having more than public folder tree, then you should retain a computer running Exchange Server 2003 in your Exchange Server 2010 organization.

Exchange Server 2010 has two types of public folder trees:-

1. System public folder tree

2. Default public folder tree

Users can access public folder Microsoft Outlook (2003/2007/2010) or from Outlook Web Access. If you want to view public folders in Microsoft Office Outlook, then open the Microsoft Outlook, click on Go > select Folder List.

In Exchange Server 2010, public folders can be accessed either through the Public Folder Management Console or Exchange Management Shell.

How to Create a New Public Folder from Exchange Management Shell


New-PublicFolder -Name FolderName [-Path ParentFolderName] [-Server Server] [-DomainController FullyQualifiedDomainName]


New-PublicFolder -Name "Documents" -Path \

How to Check Public Folder Statistics


Above command display summary information, but we can use -Identity switch for more detailed output.


Get-PublicFolderStatistics [-Identity FolderIdentity] [-Server Server] [-DomainController FullyQualifiedDomainName]


Get-PublicFolderStatistics -Identity "\Documents" | fl