Amazon Cloud (EC2) News

Amazon Cloud (EC2) Latest News

AWS Storage Gateway now supports Hyper-V, along with VMWare ESXi.


Amazon CloudHSM

Hardware Security Module allows customers to securely generate, store and manage cryptographic keys used for data encryption.


Amazon Redshift

Redshift provides petabyte-scale data warehouse services to attain high query performance at a reasonable cost that extends from 2TB to 16TB in compressed format.


Windows Server 2012 on AWS

Amazon EC2 and AWS Elastic Beanstalk now support launching of Windows Server 2012.


Gateway-Cached Volume Solution

Gateway-cached volume solution in AWS Storage Gateway stores data written to your gateway-cached volume in Amazon S3 and stores only a cache of frequently accessed data on your on-premise storage hardware unlike Stored-volume solution that stores all data locally in storage volume on your on-premise storage hardware.


Micro instances now supported in Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC now supports launching of Micro instances (t1.micro) in Amazon VPC to extends the benefits of AWS Free Usage Tier.


Web Page Redirection now supported in Amazon S3

Web sites hosted in the Amazon S3 can now be redirected to a new page without impacting their search ranking.


Mailbox Simulator for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Mailbox Simulator is used to test generic email response, including bounces and complaints, without sending messages to actual recipients.


Amazon RDS now supports SSL for SQL Server

SSL encryption is now supported to secure the SQL server connection between your applications and RDS SQL Server instances.


Amazon CloudFront Private Content feature

Private Content feature provides more control over end users for downloading data from CloudFront, access restriction on origin identities etc.


Amazon RDS now supports SQL Server 2012

Amazon now supports launching of SQL Server 2012 in addition to SQL Server 2008 R2. Multiple editions of SQL Server 2012 are available like Standard, Enterprise, Express & Web.


Amazon Glacier, low cost storage solution

Amazon Glacier provides secure and durable storage solution for data backup and archival. This solution is optimized for data that is infrequently accessed. Pay as little as $0.0.1 per gigabyte per month.


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) supported by Amazon SES

DKIM is the newest and most advanced method of authenticating email by signing message and header by using a private part of a keypair.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protected API access

Amazon has extended MFA protection to AWS service APIs via IAM policies that provides extra layer of security over powerful operations like instance termination or extracting confidential data from S3.


Amazon instance now supports multiple IP addresses

Amazon instances in VPC now supports up to 8 IP addresses (across 2 elastic network interfaces) for small instances and up to 240 IP addresses (across 8 elastic network interface) for High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large and Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large instances.


Australia new Edge location

Amazon announced Sydney, Australia as a new Edge location for Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53


Amazon IAM roles for EC2 instances

Use IAM roles to grant permissions to the users on EC2 like launch, start, stop or terminate instances.


Amazon VPC now supports Internal Load Balancing

Internal load balancer uses only private IP addresses to balance requests between tiers of your application without exposing it to the internet.


Amazon RDS now supports Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control

RDS supported databases are MySQL, MSSQL(Standard/Express/Web) & Oracle (Standard/Enterprise)


Amazon Elastic MapReduce now supports Hive 0.8.1

This new version of Hive introduced new features such as Binary & Timestamp DataType, Plugin Developer kit etc.


Export Amazon VMs to your existing on-premise virtualization infrastructure

Amazon now supports export of EC2 instances to your existing on-premise environment beside importing these instances from on-premise to Amazon. 


SQL Server 2012 now supported on EC2


MySQL Read Replica now supported in Amazon VPC

Read Replica copy accepts read traffic even after Source DB instance has been deleted.


Simple Email Service (SES) supports now Domain Verification

SES now supports domain verification along with individual email address verification process for sending email. Simply verify your entire domain name and start sending emails from any address on it.


Amazon CloudFront start supporting Dynamic Contents

CloudFront can now be used to deliver dynamic contents to provide the global reach of your dynamic websites.


Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large Instance support now available in Amazon VPC

Cc2.8xlarge instance provides on-demand supercomputing class performance on Intel Xeon processors. Support is now available in Amazon VPC.


DynamoDB BatchWriteItem feature

With this feature, you can add, delete or replace up to 25 items in a single request


Amazon CloudSearch

Create a search domain, upload docs as JSON or XML and start searching.


Reserved Cache Nodes announced for Amazon ElastiCache

Reserved cache improves web application performance by retrieving contents from fast and in-memory caching system.  Reserved cache save up to 70% of cost over Demand prices


Live Smooth Streaming for Amazon CloudFront

Live Smooth Streaming, feature of IIS Media Service, enables adaptive streaming of live media to Microsoft Silverlight clients


Enhanced Live Streaming for Amazon CloudFront

Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 is also supported in CloudFront on Amazon EC2 to configure live HTTP streaming for both Flash-based and Apple iOS devices.

Amazon Route 53 Latency Based Routing (LBR) feature

Route 53 LBR feature automatically redirect end-users to the lowest latency region


AWS Elastic Beanstalk now support PHP and Git Deployment

Beanstalk makes it easier to quickly deploy and manage PHP & Java applications in the AWS Cloud. Git speeds up deployment by pushing only modified files to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.  


Access Linux instances directly from the EC2 Management Console without client software


Use IAM for password management and applying restriction on billing information

IAM console can be used for password management like enforcing password complexity, and billing information access like Account Activity/Usage report without giving access to other AWS resources.


Use AWS IAM for applying permissions on AWS Elastic Beanstalk resources.

Fine grain control over which IAM users and groups have access to Elastic Beanstalk recourses


Amazon Simple Workflow Service (beta)

Workflows can be executed reliably at different times in distributed applications

SunGuard Disaster Recovery

For EC2 users to back up VM & data, SunGuard uses Amazon’s Direct Connect service, private VLAN, for data transfer, bi-directionally disaster recovery service, without data transfer over internet. 


Amazon VPC now support CloudFormation

CloudFormation template consolidates Amazon resources together for easily deploying the multi-tier web apps.


AWS Storage Gateway (beta) released

Install Storage Gateway on-premise and securely upload data to the AWS cloud for cost effective backup and disaster recovery.


Amazon VPC now supports RDS

All RDS functionalities now available like managing backups, replication for HA, patching, and scaling.


IAM enables Identity federation to the AWS Console

Use your corporate IDs to grant access to the AWS Management Console without creating new AWS identities


Amazon DynamicDB (beta)

NoSQL database service. Unlimited and rapidly grow the capacity to meet the heavily generated DB read/write requests. Doesn’t support complex relational queries or complex transactions. Automatically spread you data workload across multiple servers without any downtime. Whereas, SimpleDB has a size limit of 10GB. 


AWS Direct Connect now in four new locations

Now in four new locations, One WilShire (LA), TelecityGroup (London), Equinix (Singapore), Equinix (Tokyo). Other two locations are Equinix (VA) & Silicon Valley (CA).


SNS support for Delivery Policies & Message Formatting

Delivery policies control HTTP retries and Message formatting ensures message content optimization with different protocols like email, http and sms.


Object Expiration support in S3

Schedule removal of objects at defined time period. No charge to use this feature


VPC support multiple Elastic Network interfaces

Elastic Network Interfaces are virtual network interfaces that can be attached to EC2 instances in your VPC to run dual-homed networks.


SMTP support has been added with Amazon Simple Email Service

Run job flows using Hadoop & Pig with new feature of AMI Versioning to use at job flow.

Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework that splits large datasets into small chunks and spread it over machines and managing the overall process by jobs.


Multi-object deletion up to 1000 objects at a time

Elastic load balancing support in VPC

Elastic Load Balancing supports load balancing of applications using HTTP, HTTPS, SSL and 1024-65535. It also supports IPv6.


Spot instances now supported in VPC

It allows customers to bid on unused EC2 capacity and run those instances for as long as their bid exceeds the current Spot Price


Windows support

Now EC2 supports Win 2k8 R2, SQL 2k8 R2 instances including Cluster compute and Cluster GPU instances.



AWS received FISMA authorization and accreditation covering EC2, S3, VPC


Template based AWS Identity & Access Mgt (IAM)

 IAM enables you to use your existing corporate identities to grant secure and direct access to AWS resources


AWS Management Console Adds Support for Amazon SQS

Hosted queue for storing messages as they travel between computers.


Amazon S3 Encryption

 Server-side Encryption-Uses AES-256 to encrypt data on S3

           Client-Side Encryption- before sending it to S3.